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In order to improve your quality of life and wellness, you must avoid toxic habits like the plague. Literally.

For long-term happiness, it is important that you are aware when your actions are negatively affecting your life.

Here are 3 habits you should avoid in life:


1) Blaming and complaining

Let’s just face it, we all have been under this category.  If you want to live up to your fullest potential then you have to kick blaming and complaining to the curb. I know it is easier to deflect the problem or situation at hand onto someone else but will that help you in the long run? Take responsibility for your actions and keep it moving.

2) Trying to do everything yourself

Take my word on this. You can’t do everything yourself and if you try to you will end up doing even less. I remember when I first started WisdomToMotivate and wanted to do EVERYTHING on my own. I wanted to be the photographer, accountant, writer, etc. In the long run that caused me to burnout to the 100th degree! There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We are human beings and are here to help one another. Focus on your craft and delegate the other tasks to people who are more experienced in those areas.

3) Not giving your all

If you want to be successful and reach new heights in your life you must be willing to give your all. You can’t halfway do a project and expect to win an award for it, right? In fact, as I’m writing this, I have four more things to complete on my to-do list and it is 9pm here in Washington, DC. Guess what? I won’t be going to bed until they are 100% complete. Give your all to whatever you want in life and watch how you harvest the fruit of your labor:)

Avoiding these three habits have helped me in many ways I never thought were possible. If you feel that you have any of these toxic habits, let me know. 

xo Gabby