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WisdomToMotivate is a learning ecosystem designed to inspire, empower, and motivate those looking to find their purpose in life and reach personal goals while maximizing results. WTM is the go-to digital resource for personal development and wisdom. If you are looking to grow as a conscious human being and live a more abundant life, you will feel right at home


Hi, I’m Gabrielle!

I founded WisdomToMotivate for people who need inspiration, motivation and want to find their purpose in life.

I always knew I wanted to do something that made a positive change in the world but it took me some time to figure it out.

After college, I quickly realized that the traditional 9 to 5 life wasn’t for me. I wanted to make a huge impact in people’s lives.

When I started to invest in my personal development every day, I began achieving things I never thought were possible.

In 2015, I relocated to the District of Columbia where I focused on what I love doing best: Motivating others to live a life they love and helping people find their purpose. You can call me a lifestyle architect.

I strive to bring out the best in you. I believe in each and every one of you.

FUN FACT: I am an NBA2k fanatic and love lifting heavy weights. Gym partner? You don’t have to ask twice!